10 good reasons to sign up your kids for fight sports trainings
sie 30, 2020

10 good reasons to sign up your kids for fight sports trainings


Training fight sports is an excellent way to help your child's physical, mental and social development. Learn more with our article.

1. Physical development

Practicing martial arts is an excellent way to help your child's physical development and teach them better coordination. Training fight sports makes one more aware of their body, increases the range of movements, strengthens the muscles, joints and tendons. Fight sports, being highly versatile disciplines are an excellent base for building physical strength and will certainly help improve performance in other disciplines as well.

2. Good clean fun

Fight sports training for kids, when done correctly, are not focused on competitiveness nor do they promote aggression. Quite the opposite- fight sport trainings for kids are filled with creative games and activities, and the job of a coach is to conduct the training in such a manner that every participant leaves the gym tired but with a smile on their face. Creative, well-prepared fight sports trainers are veritable magicians, and will have crowds of children eager to join their class. Fight sports trainings for kids are a perfect alternative for those youngsters who are bored and tired with popular sport disciplines.

3. Increase confidence

Just the fact of participating in fight sports trainings has a positive impact on the kids feeling of self-worth and confidence. Participating in these classes makes a child a member of a warrior family, might win them respect and admiration of their peers. As their skills grow, so does their confidence and mental resilience. Training fight sports is a great way to combat once weaknesses and fears.

4. Self defense and safety

Fight sports will prepare you how to defend yourself, but more importantly they teach how to keep your cool in a stressful or dangerous situation. Whether we like it or not, kids will likely face aggressive behaviour from their colleagues at some point, and training martial arts will help them prepare better for such a situation.

5. Positive models of behaviour

Fight sports teach humility, value of hard work, and respect for a fellow man. The philosophy of most martial arts is based on constant self-improvement and living according to a strict moral and ethical code. Kids learn to be assertive and to carry themselves like a professional athlete. Respect for your opponent and other people are necessary in fight sports, as is courage, fairplay and honesty. Among professional martial artists can be found many great role models who achieved success thanks to determination, dedication, and discipline, and who could inspire children with their life stories.

6. Creating healthy habits

In order to become better and more successful in the world of fight sports it is absolutely necessary to adapt a hygienic, healthy lifestyle. That means healthy nutrition, maintaining regular sleeping hours, and abstaining from any destructive vices- smoking, drinking, or anything else. In fight sports, your results directly depend on you keeping your body in perfect shape.

7. Finding gym mates

Training fight sports is a perfect opportunity for kids to get new friends and take care of their psychosocial development. It often happens that a kid who could not find a place for themselves at the football or basketball trainings well fare very well at boxing classes. Fight sports are some of the most physically demanding athletic disciplines. In the heat of the battle against own weaknesses, new friendships will be forged and the group is it likely to integrate very well. Unique atmosphere of fight sports classes encourages bonding, helps the children feel like they belong to the community of the warriors. Friendships started at the canvas and the floormat might thrive for many years after.

8. Causation

Fight sports trainings for kids are generally individualistic disciplines. Here at the gym or dojo you don't depend on your team-mates come up like you do in volleyball or football. You don't have to wait for someone to pass the ball to you or get frustrated when your team fails to score a single point. Your fate is in your own hands, and it is entirely up to you how much time and energy you will dedicate to your trainings. When the time comes for you to face your opponents in the ring you will reap what you sowed and nothing more.

9. Clear development pass and progress evaluation

Kids are notoriously impatient and want to see the effects of their work as soon as possible. Fight sports grant that opportunity. You will see your strength increase almost exponentially, and you will be able to test your newly learned skills in competitions and martial arts exams. Winning a new belt or a boxing match (or even just getting through one) is an incredible motivation for young people to keep striving and training hard.

10. Competitive price

Compared to most other disciplines and trainings offered to kids, fight sports trainings are an enticingly attractive alternative. Typically, fight Sports training for kids will set you back 50 to 80 Euros a month. There are of course additional costs of buying boxing gloves for kids, shin guards, head guards, or special kimonos for children, They are often available at very reasonable prices. Moreover, unlike football shoes, your kids won't grow out of their boxing gloves every half year. Quality fight gear for kids will last them years. It goes without saying that if your kids are passionate about training fight Sports, then getting them a new pair of boxing mitts or shin guards well be seen as a great motivation to keep up the good work and will make for a lovely gift too.



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